DogGo brings dog owners and their pets together and takes walking with dogs to a new level. DogGo connects dog owners for coordinating shared walks, socializing, and/or building a dog-lover community.






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the problem

DogGo was a greenfield project. The client had a landing page and a detailed specification about the features, but they could not find the right service provider to help them build the app based on the document provided. We were hired to review the specification document, shape the product, and help the client create a successful application.

why the founders
chose us as their

the solution

We started the project by reviewing the specification document technology-wise. We simplified the scope with an MVP mindset to create a product that would be quicker to build and easier to release. Instead of developing a native app right away, we advised our client to build a cross-platform React Native app with Expo to easily and rapidly test the first version of the product with the users.

Early in the development, we organized an on-site user test with early adopters to test the product’s core functionality. Based on the results, we had to change the concept of the product. Initially, DogGo intended to be a social platform where users could see only the closest users to their location and match to share a walk. Instead of finding a matching partner for walks, users wanted to see other users in a broader area and build a dog-lover community.

After reprioritizing the backlog, it took 8-10 months to develop a new version of the product and take it to a successful launch.

the outcome

DogGo became so popular among users that it generated more than 400 users in 2 weeks after the launch. Being part of the dog-lover community ourselves, we consider DogGo a love project. We have an ongoing partnership with the client as we take care of product maintenance.

Doggo reference image
Doggo reference image

what our clients say about us

They are passionate about the work, and they are full of ideas. They don’t just do what they are asked for, but they always go beyond.
László Németh
Founder at DogGo
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