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Our Services

Are you looking to start a new project or complete an existing one? We can help you get to the finish line.

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How we can help you

For brand new ideas & projects

I have an idea and I want to validate it
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Build your MVP from scratch

You have an idea but you do not know if it is worth building. No worries! It usually takes 1-4 sprints (2 weeks to 2 months) to find it out. Let’s do it together!

I have a project/app idea and I want to implement it
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Custom software development

You know what you want and you want to build it. Great! Based on the complexity of your project, we can make it come to life in 3-12 months.

For ongoing projects

I have had a product for ages and it is hard to keep up with the competition
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Upgrade your product

You have a product running on outdated technology, using over-complicated processes and UX design, so it is almost impossible to upgrade your software. Don’t worry! We can fix your problems in 1-6 months.

I have an incomplete product, and I won't be able to launch it
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Save your product with project rescue

You started building your product, but things went wrong during the development process, and now it seems that you will never be able to launch it. No problem! We can help you recover from troubling situations and make your product work in 1-6 months.

I have an ongoing project and I want to maintain my upgraded software in-house
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Boost your product team’s knowledge

You decided to work with us on your ongoing project, but you are afraid that your product team will not be capable of maintaining your upgraded software. Don’t be! We will pass-on the product development knowledge to your product team to ensure proper maintenance in-house.

What we can do for you

  • Idea validation theme imageIdea validation
  • eliminate technical debts theme imageExplore & eliminate technical debts
  • Mobile development themeMobile app development
  • Backend architecture theme imageBackend architecture upgrade
  • Web development theme imageWeb development
  • Frontend architecture theme imageFrontend architecture upgrade
  • Custom software theme imageCustom software development
  • UX upgrade theme imageUX upgrade
  • UX & graphic theme imageUX & graphic design
  • team knowledge theme imageUpgrade your product team’s knowledge
  • Deliver a new version theme imageDeliver a new version of your product every 2 weeks
  • Deliver new features theme imageDeliver new features every 2 weeks

Technologies we work with

We work with the latest tech stack that can be easily built upon as your business grows.

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React and React
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Typescript /
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AWS ( Lambda, SQS,
SNS, Cloudfront,
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PostgreSQL /
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