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Apex Lab joins smartEn: powering net-zero transition together

Jan 29th·2 min read

Apex Lab joins smartEn: powering net-zero transition together

We are thrilled to announce our next step in pursuing a greener and more sustainable grid: joining smartEn, the European business association dedicated to integrating consumer-driven solutions in the clean energy transition.

Our Journey

Since its founding, Apex Lab has been at the forefront of developing impactful digital products. We started by building banks, e-commerce, and health tech startups, but last year, we finally found the space that most aligns with our mission: smart grids. Now, we are dedicating our time to a goal that motivates each of our 30+ members working remotely from around the globe and poses exciting challenges worth getting up for every morning (regardless of your location).

The Present

Here & now, at Apex Lab, our mission is to leverage our software engineering and industry expertise to help digitize the grid, thus enabling the transition to clean energy. We do it by launching new startups and helping established companies build scalable products.

Besides developing solutions, we started The Grid Community, which aims to initiate conversations and knowledge sharing among like-minded people. We are at the beginning of our journey, but we want to make it easier for people outside the industry to understand what’s happening inside and enable people to have meaningful discussions around a selected topic every month.

We believe that we could bridge the gap between traditional industry players and modern software engineering practices, which is a must if we want real progress in the near future. Co-creation, radical transparency, and agility could help build and test new propositions faster.

“I’m really excited about the upcoming years and how consumer-centric energy solutions will evolve in the different markets. We can see that there are enormous opportunities for software companies to make partnerships with traditional energy players and modernize the grid together. Also, our first Flexcon was an amazing experience, we can’t wait to meet new friends on the next one.” Greg Barcza, CEO, Software Architect at Apex Lab


Why smartEn?

We are excited to join forces and share thoughts with other innovators working to accelerate distributed, digitalized, and decarbonized energy markets across Europe.

smartEn stands as a beacon of progress in the industry. Their work advocating for and implementing consumer-centric solutions aligns perfectly with our vision at Apex Lab. By joining smartEn, we are expanding our network and aligning with like-minded organizations and individuals equally passionate about shaping a sustainable future.

Looking Ahead

Apex Lab is poised to significantly contribute to the energy landscape through this alliance with smartEn. We are not just joining an association; we are becoming a part of a larger movement that strives for a sustainable and energy-efficient future for everyone.

Follow us on Linkedin and join the Grid Community to discuss the most relevant industry topics.

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