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Tech team as a co-founder

Apr 20th·1 min read

Co-creating products we truly believe in.
No agency fee, on equity basis.

💡 Why do you need a tech co-founder?

  • You’ve reached a maturity when certain tech skills are crucial to take a step forward and scale the product without significant waste and frustration.
  • You are a non-technical founder raising capital and investors are looking for your tech-cofounder.
  • You are looking for a co-founder complimenting your skillset, so you can focus more on areas where you excel: fundraising, marketing, and acquiring users/customers to build traction.

🚀 How Apex can help?

“OK, but I’m looking for a co-founder, not an agency!”

At Apex, the notion of building digital products is much more than our regular 9to5 job. Even though, our main business is the agency partnerships, we are continuously looking for co-founding opportunities. Stories we truly believe in, without agency fee, on equity basis.

⚙️ How does it work exactly?

🤛 We only work on projects that we truly believe in. To prove how committed we are to the project, we are partnering with you on equity basis.

🤝 We work as a team - we create and follow a shared vision and shape the product together.

🎯 We work with a complete product team with business and tech professionals (PO/PM, CTO, full-stack developers to help you build testable hypotheses and validate the idea.

🧑‍💻 Our developers don’t just deliver the specifics but can see the big picture and are motivated to find the P/M fit.

💥 We believe in the power of Agile software development methodology - to enable incremental delivery, short feedback loops, and quick iterations

🚀 You’ll get an experienced Tech co-founder from day 1 - to come up with the quickest ways tech-wise to find your P/M fit

📈 Featured MVP developments in numbers

“Ok, ok, I get it. Can I see some numbers pls?“ Sure.

  • StandupPlus - developed in 3 months, got into Y combinator top 10% - W21 batch
  • Recart - generated revenue instantly after quick pivoting
  • Doggo - generated 600+ users in one month
  • Showcase - MVP developed in 3 months

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