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The Journey of Apex Lab in the Energy Industry and the Creation of The Grid Community

Aug 14th·3 min read


At Apex Lab we believe that the transition to a greener and smarter energy landscape is inevitable, and we decided to be part of this journey. Our software expertise and innovative way of thinking led us to participate in several energy-related projects leading the way to a sustainable future. The professionals and the vision involved in the energy industry resonated with us on a level that we could not ignore. Hence our journey in the industry began.


Origins and Vision

At Apex Lab, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. The whole existence of the company is based on the fact that software development can be done better than how the majority of agencies are working. We believe in co-creation and deep product knowledge to create successful products and work with visionaries who are really looking for a partner who will challenge and improve their products for the better.

Our agency efforts support our trials and errors for creating our own startups as well. Therefore we deeply understand the challenges and pitfalls of digital product development.

The love for software development led us to meet some amazing people and exciting projects across many different industries. We like to keep things interesting and, therefore, still take on projects from all industries. However, we have felt a special connection with the professionals working in the energy industry. Our involvement started 3-4 years back, and ever since, we have been carried away by the vision and excitement of the engineers and business people involved.

As our experience in related software projects grew, so did our curiosity. Our research became more extensive, which led us better understand the current state and future of the energy industry.

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Our journey to creating a new Community

Based on our project experience and feedback from our partners, we realized our expertise could really bring a difference to the industry. There are exceptional electric engineers and hardware experts out there executing amazing solutions and projects, but the industry seems to be missing the sufficient amount and quality software talent for the required changes.

We realized this is an area where we can really contribute to the future of energy, but we wanted to do more. We have come across some great communities. However, they were either paywalled or focusing on ideation and conversation rather than a pragmatic approach that we represent and feel comfortable with. Talking and discussing is nice; however, without real action, it stays just nice. Beyond that is extraordinary, and that is what we thrive for.

The solution was to create our own community dedicated to showcasing real-world projects already contributing to a better energy future. Therefore “The Grid Community” came into existence, a community focusing on shaping the future of Smart Grid technology. The Grid offers a platform for professionals to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and stay informed about industry developments. It’s a place where experts, enthusiasts, and innovators come together to challenge ideas, inspire solutions, and drive real change.

The Grid Community

Our community welcomes all professionals who share our vision and is interested in the pragmatic approach and exciting projects. We aim to create a thriving community where experts can discuss the latest news in the energy industry and be involved with events that focus on practical projects revolving around making the Smart Grid technology a reality.

We focus on 3 main areas:

  • Create a professional network of experts working (all involved in some way) in Smart grid products/projects on our own Slack channel

  • Showcase real-world projects through monthly events

  • Provide exclusive content and information on different projects and industry updates

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You can find out more information and become part of The Grid here.

Even though we are still at the beginning of our journey, we already had a successful first event with 45+ participants revolving around DSR Unleashed: Myenergi’s Innovative Demand Side Response Pilot Project. A trial that Apex Lab was also involved in collaboration with myenergi, a long-standing client of ours. You can watch the recording here.

We invite all innovators interested in our work and the community to join us for similar future events.

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape

Apex Lab stands at the intersection of software development and the energy industry, we drive to unite all stakeholders, from end-users to energy providers, to pursue sustainable energy solutions. The Grid Community will hopefully evolve into a haven of knowledge and collaboration in the sector.

Our vision for the future is to redefine the role of software development in the industry and become a trusted partner in transformative and innovative solutions that drive the energy landscape towards a greener and smarter future.

Closing remarks

We started this journey for several reasons. One is that the people we have interacted with within the industry are brilliant and highly dedicated to a sustainable future. A vision we can honestly get behind. Another is that we can see that our expertise can really bring a difference, and we always thrive to develop impactful digital products that serve a purpose. We may have found the purpose we mentioned in our previous blog post about our journey to becoming a Teal company.

Join The Grid Community and be a part of shaping the future of Smart Grid technology: Join The Grid Community

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