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EV Fleet management calculator development

We helped a leading energy company introduce a platform to help companies estimate and analyze all costs and investments related to EV fleet transition.

Leading Energy provider




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the problem

The client's goal was to support businesses in building an EV strategy that fits their businesses. As the fleet world plugs into electricity, companies' infrastructure requires deep consideration. For this reason, the client wanted to create a platform to help businesses overview the current fleet management strategy and help them develop a successful EV strategy. We were hired to design and develop the core functionality of the platform - a calculator to help businesses forecast costs, returns and savings.

The solution

Our primary focus area was to design and develop the calculator's logic that could be used as the basis for building an EV strategy. We held regular ideation sessions and refinement meetings to create an effective and accurate mathematical model as the basis for the calculations. We worked together with our client in close cooperation to develop the best solution from day one.

As per our joint solution, we developed two sites for different user types - a public site for inquiring users, and another site for registered users. Although the two pages served a slightly different purpose, we managed to design and develop the same mathematical model for both platforms. While the public site works with a limited type of data - such as type of vehicle, number of vehicles, capacity of depot - we were able to give an overview to the user about the amount of savings if they transition their current fleet into an EV one. We integrated Salesforce to convert the cold leads into hot leads/customers so inquiring users would get into the database right away.

We provided more features and more complex calculations for users with a registered account. By giving more data about the current fleet - such as costs per vehicle type, type of financing, fuel consumption, avg life of vehicle, battery capacity, number of depots, power capacity of depots - we were able to provide a detailed dashboard with reporting functions to use as the basis for building an EV strategy (e.g., breakeven analysis, ROI, CO2 emission, infrastructure expansion guidelines).

Thanks to our joint efforts with our client, the platform can gather all kinds of information, use them as the basis for the calculations, and give a proposed EV strategy.

the outcome

We delivered the core functionality of the platform in 3 months. The platform works well and gives accurate estimations and calculations to businesses about their new EV strategy. Thanks to the tool, our client attracts and converts a rapidly growing number of leads to customers each month.

Energy Company reference image
Energy Company reference image
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