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Hellomoso takes car washing services to the customer’s location. Customers place the car-washing request online, pay for the service, and Hellomoso’s team takes care of the rest. Customers do not need to leave their apartment/house anymore to have their car perfectly cleaned. Hellomoso is the Uber for car washing.






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the problem

The client a regular car-washing business but wanted to expand their services to the digital world. They realized that there are many ways to make their service easily accessible but did not know the best way to provide their services online. We were hired to guide our client through digital product development and help them build the Uber for car-washing.

why the founders
chose us as their

the solution

The project started with product discovery. The client had a business concept that needed further details and specifications to begin working on the project. Working closely with our client, we completed the discovery phase in 2-3 weeks, including constant research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and refinement. By the end of the discovery phase, we knew what to build and how to build it.

Together with our client, we created detailed documentation about all the business and technical requirements of building their platform. Once we agreed on the specifications, we prepared the final version of the platform design UX/UI-wise that we relied on in the development phase.

To create a stable product that provides a long-term solution for our client, we built the platform on React, Node.js, Typescript, Next.js, and Airtable and completed it with Stripe Payment gateway integration.

the outcome

The project took roughly three months to complete, from product discovery until successful launch. Since the launch, Hellomoso has developed a solid user base with regular orders. The platform is stable and works well.

Ma esete szinhaz reference image
Ma esete szinhaz reference image

what our clients say about us

Apex Lab did not just take care of the delivery, but they guided us through the whole process. They acted as a true trusted advisor.
Zsolt Barcza
CEO & Founder, HelloMoso
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