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Ma Este Színház! is a platform distributing last-minute theatre tickets for theatre lovers, thus creating extra revenue for theatres. Founded in 2011, is the biggest theatre tickets selling platform partnered with all theatres in Hungary.



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the problem

The founders wanted to expand their services nationwide and partner with theaters outside of the capital city. However, their platform could not have served such a big user base, and they were also facing a relatively high customer churn rate. Therefore, they decided to upgrade their platform, including improving the codebase, streamlining the processes, and providing an overall better user experience.

why the founders
chose us as their

the solution

The backend was integrated with a ticketing system that every theatre used in the country. In the beginning, the founders chose the easier way and opted for a monolithic backend using PHP. However, they realized that it resulted in slower system responses, and they were losing customers in the long run. To overcome this, we upgraded the backend to microservices architecture using Node.js. The implementation process was done by our team entirely with constant consultation and communication with the client. In the end, the backend architecture upgrade resulted in great success as the page load time was reduced to 0,5 sec from 5-10 sec.

To reduce the customer churn rate, we simplified the checkout process and reduced the steps from 5 to 2. These improvements resulted in a much better user experience, reducing the customer churn rate to 5%.

As an additional request, we helped our client with technology consultation and project management to develop viable solutions within a strategic partnership with MasterCard and OTP Bank (leading bank in Hungary).

the outcome

Both the frontend and backend are running smoothly with tens of thousands of users.Since the upgrade, Ma Este Színház! successfully reduced the customer churn rate to 5%and successfully expanded the seller base too, providing last-minute theatre tickets all around Hungary.

Ma este szinhaz reference image
Ma este szinhaz reference image

what our clients say about us

They know what they’re doing, and they always help shape a better product. They are all super friendly and reliable.
Tivadar Limbacher
Founder & CEO, Ma este Színház Kft.
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