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Myenergi is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products that increase the self-consumption of green energy. Our challenge was to create a cloud-to-cloud OCPP solution to enable myenergi EV chargers to integrate with third-parties.








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the problem

Due to their own communication protocol for EV chargers, myenergi could not integrate with third parties. We took on the challenge to create a unique solution which makes third-party integrations easier with chargers.

The solution

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is an open standard of communication between charge points and backend platforms. The EV chargers manufactured by myenergi (zappi) use myenergi’s protocol to communicate to myenergi. Unfortunately this limited the usage of third-party solutions which would enable end-users to charge their company cars at home or provide a public charging point for a hotel. To allow the best possible experience when using zappi with other third-party products we created a Cloud to Cloud OCPP service. This means that messages first pass to myenergi servers, where they are translated to OCPP before being sent to a third-party platform provider.

Our cloud platform solution enabled myenergi the following:

  • Connection of any myenergi-manufactured EV charger to a central OCPP provider
  • Authorization of charging sessions using suitable “myenergi ID” - eg RFID card or PIN
  • Repayment for charging handled centrally through OCPP provider
  • Control of OCPP providers and commands we support

In order to provide value early, we iteratively delivered a complex solution by phasing the project into smaller chunks, resulting in an early MVP and a full solution.

the outcome

The implementation of our OCPP cloud-to-cloud solution has shownsignificant positive outcomes for myenergi and its users. User feedback has highlighted the ease and reliability of using their EV chargers with third-party applications, enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, the ability for users to charge company cars at home using zappi has led to a measurable improvement in third-party integrations. This capability not only broadens the applicability of myenergi products but also positions zappi as a versatile and business-oriented solution in the competitive EV charging market. This video is a good example of a hotel-chain using our solution.

In conclusion, the development of the OCPP cloud-to-cloud interface for myenergi's EV chargers has substantially enhanced the functionality and integration capability of the zappi product line.

MyEnergi reference image
MyEnergi reference image
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