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SkillMate is a revolutionary education platform designed to support teen’s development of crucial human skills. We worked closely together with the founders to design and develop the platform from scratch.










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the problem

Our client identified a pressing need: empowering teenagers with essential soft skills vital for success in the modern workforce and everyday life. Recognising the constraints of busy family lives and thegaps in traditional education systems, Skillmate sought to bridge this divide by offering a comprehensive platform tailored to the needs of US families.

The solution

In response to this challenge, we conceptualised and crafted a bilingual educational platform, providing a structured curriculum for teenagers while engaging parents in their children's skill development journey. Through a user-friendly interface, participants access a rich repository of learning materials, including videos, textual resources, and interactive quizzes. On the top of this, there is an admin dashboard for both educators and parents to oversee content and manage subscriptions seamlessly.

Our journey started with an immersive two-day workshop to understand the product vision, define target personas, and MVP scope, createhigh-level user flows and finally, establish the basis of our way of working. Leveraging tools like Miro, we visualized concepts, refining them iteratively together to ensure alignment with client objectives.

We designed and developed the solution in an MVP mindset, allowing the client to test the solutions with users as early as possible. We dedicated efforts to ensure easy measurability through the implementation of useful product metrics.

By employing a cohesive technology stack we exceeded project requirements, laying a strong foundation for future scalability. To mention some of the details, we used Next.js for frontend and backend tasks, improving user experience and server-side functionality. Keystone served as the CMS, tRPC ensured reliable API interactions, and PostgreSQL with Prisma managed database operations. For styling, we employed Tailwind CSS and enabled multi-language support with next-i18next. Authentication was handled by Clerk, payments by Stripe, and video streaming by Testing was rigorous with Cypress and Vitest, while ESLint and Prettier maintained coding standards. Analytics, marketing, and emails were managed by Mixpanel, Mailchimp, and SendGrid.

Our engagement extended beyond the application, we created a landing page and conducted workshops on user discovery and user acquisition.

the outcome

Together with the client, we’ve launched a bilingual education platform on time and on budget, that helps teenagers and their parents acquire 21st-century skills. The client is continuously testing the platform with early-adopters and based on user-feedback we are implementing new features.

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what our clients say about us

What sets Apex Lab apart is not just their technical capability but their creative thinking and transparency. They are not just developers, they are innovators who bring fresh ideas to the table, ensuring our platform was not only functional but also engaging and intuitive. They delivered the project on a tight deadline and within budget, which is a testament to their planning and execution.
Naomi Lopez
Founder at Skillmate
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