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We offer you a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the latest product increment, you will not pay for something that does not meet your expectations.

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For brand new ideas
and projects

Your first sprint is free

Then every additional sprint

$15.000/sprint with a team of experts
(3-4 members)


Case 1/2
I have a project/app idea and I want to implement it

Create your digital product

You know what you want and you want to build it. Great! Based on the complexity of your project, we can make it come to life in 3-6 months.

Case 2/2
I have an idea and I want to validate it

Build your MVP with a scrum team

You have an idea but you do not know if it is worth building. No worries! It usually takes 1-4 sprints (2 weeks to 2 months) to find it out. Let’s do it together!

  • idea validation check iconIdea validation
  • mobile app development check iconMobile app development
  • web development check iconWeb development
  • custom software development check iconCustom software development
  • UX & graphic design check iconUX & graphic design
  • deliver  every 2 weeks check iconDeliver a new version of your product every 2 weeks
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For ongoing

Your first sprint is free

Then every additional sprint

$30.000/sprint with a team of experts
(6-8 members)


Case 1/2
I have had a product for ages and it is hard to keep up with the competition

Upgrade your product

You have a product running on outdated technology, using over-complicated processes and UX design, so it is almost impossible to upgrade your software. Don’t worry! We can fix your problems in 1-6 months.

Case 2/2
I have an incomplete product, and I won't be able to launch it

Save your product with project rescue

You started building your product, but things went wrong during the development process, and now it seems that you will never be able to launch it. No problem! We can help you recover from troubling situations and make your product work in 1-6 months.

On top of Simplicity package:

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Are you guys specialized in any industry or topic?

To date, we have product development experience in healthcare, fintech, legal tech, e-commerce, SaaS, social platforms, and sharing economies. We are also skilled at quickly understanding the important aspects of other industries and we are open to working with you in new areas.

We are a remote-first company and operate online and globally primarily in CET. However, we also have clients in PST and EST time zones therefore our schedule is quite flexible.

Our sprint-based, incremental approach ensures that we don’t work with scoped agreements. You can pivot anytime. However, we can create milestones together for longer periods. It’s totally up to you and the requirements of your project. Regardless of the length of our partnership, we charge you a flat monthly fee based on the complexity of your project.

We will contact you within 24 hours (one business day).

We can start working on your project one week after you decide to collaborate with us.